Sunday School

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Welcome back to Sunday School!  We are looking forward to a very productive year.   We believe that Sunday School is one of the most important activities for your children, giving them a valuable opportunity to become more familiar with God and His Church,  the Holy Sacraments, Tradition and Scripture.  

Sunday School begins on September 8th, with registration and the children will go directly to their classes to meet their teachers. 
Starting on the second Sunday, Sept. 15th, Sunday School will begin at 9:30 a.m! All children will follow a rotation schedule!  Class time will begin at 9:30 am for those in class first, classes that attend church first will meet in church. All classes will be present for the children’s sermon after the Gospel reading and then the children who have class time second will leave church. 
Please inform your teachers when your child is to receive Holy Communion. Holy Communion is an important part of our lives and there is a danger of losing meaning if we receive it routinely or without preparation. By the age of 6 or 7, our children are old enough and should not eat or drink anything in the morning before receiving Holy Communion, as well as keeping fast days through the year. Your children can do this with your help and instruction from home as well as being reinforced in the classroom. 
The children will receive antidoron and then will return to their classrooms.  All children from Preschool, Kindergarten, First, Second, Third and Fourth Grades must be picked up from their classrooms by their parents. They will not be dismissed until you come for them.  Please pick up your children before you go for coffee.

We have a terrific staff of volunteers again this year. Please thank them for their dedication and for giving of their time and talents to your children. 
Please tell us of any allergies or medical conditions that you believe we should be aware of, your confidentiality will be honored and only those who need to know will be informed.    

On behalf of the St. Haralambos Sunday School Staff      

Presvytera Georgia and Anna Sikoral